Canadian Cannabis Consulting president Derek Francisco, was charged with section 4(1), s.7(1) and  s.5(2) of the Controlled substances act, 3 months  prior to obtaining his Health Canada MMAR exemption (license to possess and produce medical marijuana) .  Seven months after the initial seizure, Derek was the first person in Canada to have all his charges withdrawn, and obtain a section 24 order signed by a Judge, to return all medical marijuana (197 grams), and grow equipment that was seized back to him. Since then Derek has been assisting Canadians across Canada obtain their MMAR Exemptions.


Canadian Cannabis Consulting assists individuals who are suffering from various health conditions obtain a Health Canada MMAR exemption.  Many patients are unaware of the requirements or unable to locate a physician that will participate in the MMAR program. Canadian Cannabis Consulting will assist you through the MMAR application process, so you can obtain legal protection under the medical marijuana laws.